LEF awards $13,750 in grant funds to support creative projects in Lewiston Public Schools

The Lewiston Education Fund (LEF) is pleased to announce that it recently awarded $13,750 in grant funds to Lewiston Public School teachers.  Funds support creative and innovative projects that promote student engagement and diversity in learning.

This year’s grants included projects that promote various disciplines, including math, science, language arts, art, ecology, health and nutrition, economics and physical education, among others.  In keeping with the organization’s mission, the LEF selected projects that foster creativity and provide a path to academic excellence.

A signature project from this year’s slate includes a submission from Anita Miles, Geiger Elementary School.  Funds for Anita’s “Gulf of Maine Research Institute-Vital Signs Program” will be used to supply students with cameras and GPS units in order to become part of the Gulf of Maine Research Institutes junior scientists as part of its Vital Signs Program.  Students will take pictures of and plot invasive species of plants and animals.  They will use longitude and latitude, learn how to read maps and plot courses in their environments and write and use scientific investigations.

Amie Parker, LEF President, indicates that “support of such projects is instrumental in providing unique learning opportunities for children.  Engaging students in hands on projects in the sciences promotes real connections to curriculum.”

Funding for the LEF grant programs is provided by individual and corporate donors who are passionate about education and supporting youth in the Lewiston Community.

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