2014/2015 Grants for Teachers Announced


Farwell School Stem Lab

Heather Bucklin, Farwell School

This grant will support the development and implementation of a STEM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at Farwell Elementary School. This project will serve 25-30 students per six week session in grades 2, 3 and 4 at Farwell Elementary School, including at-risk, gifted and talented and special education students. The curriculum will use LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics in an Inquiry-Based Project-Oriented setting to teach mathematical reasoning and elementary computer science. This program offers a hands on approach to learning for students as Lewiston Public Schools transitions to creating lessons that provide students with an enduring understanding of the content. By implementing this program the classroom teacher, along with a Bates Students completing an independent study of Secondary Methods in Mathematics, will foster creativity and engage students in learning using authentic instructional strategies and increasing their enthusiasm for learning. The program is expected to reach up to 48 students at Farwell and plans are in place to continue to expand and reach more students each year using the supplies purchased from the Lewiston Education Fund grant.

The School Store

Bill Meyers & Jane Carver, Lewiston High School

The School Store project is a program designed by The Real World Prep program at Lewiston High School.  This program caters to students with special needs in grades 9-12. The project is designed to give students real life experience in all facets of running a business.  Students will apply their academic and vocational skills through real entrepreneurial experience in this project.  The opportunity will allow the teachers to integrate multiple curriculum areas in a real-world context.  Students will be the owners and operators of the store; making inventory selections, buying merchandise and managing interactions with the school population.  The funding provides initial startup costs to the class with any profits being used to bring the class on an offsite experiential field trip.

Martel School Confidence Program

Darlene Letourneau & Jacqueline Hamman, Martel School

The third grade at Martel School has a diverse population of students.  The teachers in this grade identified that several students were struggling with lack of self-control and low self-esteem.  In an effort to provide more focus, structure and control for the entire classroom the teachers have partnered with Pelletier’s School of Karate.  The partnership sets up 12 regular sessions with Pelletier’s with an emphasis on those opportunities identified by the teachers.  Lewiston Education Fund was able to fund this program in full.

Lewiston 21st Century

Jenn Carter, Lewiston Middle School

The Lewiston 21st Century College and Career Access Mentoring Program pairs low-performing students from Lewiston Middle School with Bates College students in a year-long mentorship project that guides students in investigating college and career opportunities.  This program runs as part of the 21st Century After School Program.  Mentors and mentees meet for a 2-hour session every Friday afternoon and build a lasting, positive relationship.  In addition to weekly time with their mentor, LMS students will also participate in a weekly writing course offered through a partnership with the Telling Room.  In this class, students will use the art of writing to explore and tell their own personal stories.  As a final project, they will write a personal statement that models the essay they might write on a college application.  These pieces will be published in a program anthology for students to keep at the end of the school year.  Lewiston Education was able to partially fund this project.

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