What We Do

Who are we? 

The Lewiston Education Fund (LEF) was inspired in 1998 and incorporated in 2001 in order to maintain, enhance and grow the quality of education in the Lewiston School Department. LEF has funded over $165,000 in grants and signature projects since its inception.

LEF is led by a group of community leaders who volunteer their time in support of our mission. Each of our volunteers is passionate about providing quality education in our local community and the success of our teachers and students in the Lewiston School Department.

Why do we exist? 

LEF provides support to Lewiston Schools through an organized, skilled, and robust volunteer board dedicated to funding: teacher mini-grants, sustainable signature projects (that impact whole grade levels) and an annual fundraising campaign to support the mission and vision of LEF.

We solicit, support and retain significant corporate, institutional and personal charitable tax-deductible donations, including securing available and relevant grant opportunities.

What is our Mission? 

The Lewiston Education Fund promotes excellence by generating funding for academic enrichment opportunities that fall outside the standard school budget. We support educators in their development of creative and innovative curriculum that challenge the student to think beyond the status quo, inspire student engagement and enhance the overall learning experience.

We hope our efforts inspire students to embrace new learning opportunities and prepare them for a successful future.

Specifically, the Lewiston Education Fund helps educators create unique learning opportunities by funding: 

 Projects that are innovative, creative and have a significant level of student impact that can be sustained independently into the future

 Advanced technology teaching tools for use in the classroom

 Tools and equipment that support the natural environment as a learning center

 Educational opportunities outside of the traditional classroom curriculum

 Resources and opportunities that provide experiential learning outside of the physical school environment

In addition, we focus on the future viability of our organization by dedicating a portion of all financial support to the endowment; securing the future of LEF and the continuance of our mission.

Funding considerations include:

 Preference will be given to grants that have secured other funding sources and in kind support

 Transportation and field trip funding is limited and considered on a case by case basis

Funding will not be provided to cover: 

 Salaries/Wages/Compensation

 Gifts or donations to students

 Projects, supplies, technology, transportation, items that should be covered through the school budget or alternate funding processes

 Capital improvements

We thank the founding members of the Lewiston Education Fund for their continued support, vision and legacy.

Dick Albert, April Clark, John Davis, Filomena Day, Peter Geiger, Martha Green, Leon Levesque, Barbara McAllister, David McLaughlin, Peggy Rotundo

LEF is not organized to replace the responsibility of the public for the regular operational budget of the school system.

If you have any questions, email us at lewistoneducationfund@gmail.com!

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