2010 Grant Winners News

LEF Grant Recipients Launch Quizdom Program

From L to R: Marcella Lessard, Terry Waite, Tyson Reissfelder & Judy Radigan

Teachers Marcella Lessard and Judy Radigan launched the Quizdom program in October 2010.

The Quizdom Electronic Response System allows students to participate and reply to classroom curriculum, quizzes and tests with a hand held remote response.

This technology provides instant feedback, allowing teachers to gauge student comprehension on the spot.

Ms. Lessard and Ms. Radigan were awarded LEF grant money to purchase the system, which is already proving to be a success at Lewiston High School and LRTC.

Students are eager to participate in class with the use of the new technology.  For more information on the Quizdom system, check out the Quizdom Grant Application.