2009/2010 Grants for Teachers Recipients

Conceptual Physics-MIT Sea Perch Program

Awarded to Pamela Perry, Lewiston High School

The Sea Perch is a remotely operated underwater vehicle made from PVC pipe and other inexpensive materials. It will be built and customized by students to carry out various scientific investigations. The Sea Perch program will be used throughout the year in conjunction with themed lessons in density, buoyancy, the history of submersibles and underwater exploration. Data will be analyzed and summarized for the final presentation.

Book Buddies Backpack Program

Awarded to Rebecca Belleau, Longley Elementary School

The vision of the Backpack program is to improve English Language and Math learning skills. Backpacks with learning materials are sent home with students on a rotating basis. Parental involvement is encouraged with the hope a home-school connection evolves. Comprehension and progress is reviewed and followed by the teacher.

The STEP ReStore (Students Transitioning/Experiencing Progress)

Awarded to Mary Seaman, Annie Doran, Joanne Dowd and Paula Gerencer, Lewiston High School

The STEP ReStore will be a location where goods are made available at no cost to youth identified as homeless. The goods are deemed critical to survival, retention and academic success in school. The grant will support the store set up such as shelving, totes, racks and mirrors. Additional discretionary items identified in the grant request, such as food, laundry vouchers, and school supplies will require community outreach.

Elementary Music

Awarded to Christian Henry, Martel Elementary School

The Elementary Music Program will be a music program of 10-15 instruments based on the Orff program and the use of marimbas. This will ensure all 4th, 5th and 6th grade student be required to learn how to read, create or sing music as well as ensure the National Music Standard is met.

Quizdom Electronic Response System

Awarded to Judy Radigan and Marcella Lessard, Lewiston Regional Technical Center/Lewiston High School

The Quizdom Electronic Response System allows students to participate and reply to classroom curriculum, quizzes and tests with a hand held remote response. This technology provides instant feedback, allowing teachers to gauge student comprehension on the spot.

Real World Kindergarten

Awarded to Joanne Blais,Luanne Theriault and Jen Duley, Geiger Elementary School

Four social studies and/or science units will be created for Kindergarten students. The four units will be developed to study a concept or theme in depth, involve community members and allow for more inquiry based learning using hand on experiments and materials.