2010/2011 Grants for Teachers Recipients

Adult Literacy and Technology
Lewiston Adult Education
Laurie Champagne, Mary McNulty, Jessica Trimmer, Kelley Rudd, Bill Grant
LAE is envisioning the daily use of a SmartBoard and new laptop by the four Adult Literacy Instructors at the Adult Learning Center. The use of equipment will raise student’s awareness of what computers can do. As employers are demanding increasingly computer literate workers, instructors are searching for ways to integrate technology into everyday instruction.

Beyond Question Student Response Systems
Lewiston High School
Tammy Thibodeau
The student response systems will allow students and teachers alike to formatively assess content specific goals and provide instant feedback.  This feedback will allow students to build confidence in content material, or provide students with information on material that needs additional work.  For teachers, this formative assessment will allow teachers to change their lesson in the moment and meet the needs of all students.  The system allows student specific results, thus providing the opportunity to work one on one with the students.

Extending the Classroom Into the Outdoors
Martel Elementary School
Darlene Letourneau
Purchase snowshoes for student use in an outdoor classroom setting. Every grade level has received the WinterKids Challenge Toolkit that contains lesson plans coordinated with the Maine Learning Results. Toolkits include lessons from Art, Ecology, Health, History, Language Arts, Math, Nutrition, Physical Education and Science tying together traditional curriculum with outdoor activity.

Fun Fruit Fridays
Lewiston Middle School
Rick Meyers, Beth Miller
LMS seeks to create an opportunity for a Health Education and JMG collaborative effort.  Students will experience fruits from many countries around the world.  Their focus will be sampling and research of exotic produce available in local markets.  Understanding of world cultures will be combined with an interest in expanding healthy eating habits.

Funtown Physics Day
Lewiston Middle School
Jennifer Laroche-Albert
Funtown in Saco, ME offers days for middle school students to attend the park and apply skills learned in physics unit in an authentic setting.  A middle school level curriculum has been designed around this trip.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute-Vital Signs Program
Geiger Elementary School
Anita Miles
Supply students with cameras and GPS units in order to become part of the Gulf of Maine Research Institutes junior scientists as part of its Vital Signs Program.  Students will take pictures of an plot invasive species of plants and animals.  They will use longitude and latitude, learn how to read maps and plot courses in their environments and write and use scientific investigations.

Outdoor Classroom Garden
Geiger Elementary School
Carla J. Gill, M.S.
Creating an annual outdoor classroom garden which provides hands-on learning opportunities for students and staff.  This functional life skills classroom garden allows students to work creatively with the earth, tools, produce products and learn about health and wellness, weather, recycling, life cycles and economics.

Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Math and Science Garden
McMahon Elementary School
Beatrice Perron Dahlen, Diane Morin
Creating a garden at this level will expand opportunities to utilize math skills, foster a love and respect for nature and enhance math and science education the students already receive.