2011/2012 Grants for Teachers Recipients

Modern Garden
Lewiston Middle School
The Modern Garden will provide LMS students with the opportunity to develop workplace skills through operating multiple hydroponic systems. STEM lab students will monitor nutrient levels, pH, lighting, and temperature in order to produce a vegetable crop. Record keeping and data collection will introduce skills desirable in Maine’s technological and agricultural businesses. All LMS students will benefit as the functional life skills students will be the constant throughout the year-long program closing the gaps as STEM lab students cycle through the quarter long class. Additional connections will be made as career prep students are introduced to the emerging opportunities in the green economy.

ELL Department Transitional English
Lewiston High School
This project incorporates music, art, literature, technology, and public speaking and will help students to view learning as a creative and enjoyable process that culminates in an artistic final product that is relevant to today’s teenager while connecting to literature in a variety of forms. It will also help students to value reading as a pleasurable experience to many of our ELL students who grew up in refugee camps with very limited resources.

Digital Cameras for the Art Program
Montello Elementary
The art program at Montello receives ten digital cameras with tripods to use during art and music classes throughout the school years. This is a project that will positively affect every student within the school, for many years to come. Our young students are being born and growing up in a digital age, filled with technological advancements. In order for those students to receive the best-rounded education in the art room, we must implement technology in our curriculum. This project willprovide an opportunity for innovative teaching and learning experiences, curriculum enhancement, and add depth and diversity to year-round curriculum.

Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer Robotics (MMER)
Lewiston Regional Technical Center
MMER program gives STEM based mechanical manufacturing engineering robotics education. LRTC is one of the Skills USA challenge statewide and nationwide. Competitions have robotic rescue challenge which requires some type of rescue training and radio controlled robot usage practices. Buying this robotic kit enhances robot education and student learning with hands on activities.

Remo World Music Drumming
Montello Elementary
With the purchase of the Remo World Music Drumming Series, the music department at Montello School will facilitate a connection between LEF and the arts, a collaborate within the arts and with disciplines outside the arts. All students at Montello Elementary (700+ children, grades K-6) will have the opportunity to learn and benefit from these easy-to-play instruments and make interdisciplinary connections. The music department will provide lessons that combine musicianship with cross-cultural lessons, hands-on learning, singing, dancing, and music history. The music department will also collaborate with the art department to provide another layer of learning by connecting the visual and performing arts.

Lewiston High School
The plan is to move an English 12 curriculum from a primarily literature based course to one that utilizes non-fiction texts, information texts and articles. The primary focus of this shift at the outset is to work with the curriculum of our US Government course. Working together in getting students to understand the importance of writing and communicating well, thinking outside of the box, and being able to articulate their points in a mature manner using evidence from a variety of sources is our ultimate goal. Not only will students be working to move the course to use more non-fiction and information texts; the goal is for students to achieve objectives in both disciplines.

Jump into Storytelling with StoryJumper
Lewiston Middle School
Students will have the opportunity to combine the art of storytelling with digital multimedia. Students will write their own narratives and essays, and will create their own illustrations or use online images to accompany their writing. StoryJumper.com will be the online tool used to create these digital stories. This project addresses “the arts” aspiration area because students will have the opportunity to create their own illustrations, writing pieces, and to see their final product—a book.