2012/2013 Grants for Teachers Recipients

21st Century Active in the Arts
Jenn Carter @ Lewiston High School
This project will support students in the 21st Century Community Learning Center after school program at Lewiston High School. The program meets after school Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 2:30-4:30pm. Students complete at least an hour of homework and/or tutoring each day. During the program’s second hour, they have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities that encourage them to further build their skills and develop their interests. The Lewiston Education Fund grant will support the creation of a targeted arts enrichment program within the 21st Century Program. 21st Century Active in the Arts will engage students in music, dance, drama, and the visual arts with the aim of expanding their view of the world of art, fostering their creativity, and giving them time and techniques to express their ideas and opinions in a powerful way.

Career and College Prep
JoAnne Dowd @ Lewiston High School
We would like to purchase the Gale software entitled Testing and Education Reference Center with Career Module. When we load this onto the LHS library network, it will become available for the entire LHS community, who will then be able to access an incredible range of resources. Students will be able to access multiple useful features of this software. The software offers everything from how to write a resume, to prep programs for tests such as the ASVAB and the CLEP, PSAT and SAT, AP, ACT, as well as information about a wide range of careers and how to decide on a career. The site also offers a college search and a scholarship search feature, as well as a TOEFL prep feature which could be useful for our English Language Learners as they prepare for their post-secondary opportunities.

Malaga Island
Kirsten Crafts, Amanda Guy, Laurie Hanes, Diane Kew, Hailee Morin, Bruce Nicholas @ Lewiston High School
First, students will read “Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy” by Gary D. Schmidt, an award-winning* novel based on true events that took place in Phippsburg, Maine involving the residents of Malaga Island.

After reading the novel, students will learn about the historical facts behind the novel via a visit to the Maine State Museum’s special exhibit about the island. Students will also take advantage of being in the state’s capitol by touring the State House, meeting their legislative representatives, and seeing the act of making law in process.

Upon returning to school, students will reflect on our democracy and how it relates to the first democracies of the world in social studies. In English class, they will write a research paper based on facts they gather about Malaga Island’s history. Finally, at the end of the year, students will take an additional trip to the Maine Maritime Museum and Malaga Island. The purpose of this trip will be to better understand the craft of boatbuilding and the life of a fisherman while also exploring the actual island that they have studied during the second half of the school year.

A journey to the beginning of the 17th century–Plimouth Plantation
Stephen Belleau, Lauren King, Chrisy Ayotte, Kelsie Fahey @ Geiger Elementary School
Students will be viewing and experiencing first hand the elemnts of early colonial life. The field trip will provide an opportunity for students to connect classroom learning about history with a real life learning experience. The majority of the students from the LA area would not have an opportunity like this. The museum recreates life like it was back in the early 17th century. The living history museum allows students to see real live artifacts, visit and enter houses built hundres of years ago and view artisans at work making crafts build during the past. This adventure into the past will expand the educational opportunities for our fifth grades and give them an experience they will never forget.

Kids in the Community
Carla Gill, Jacob Ballou, April Caron @ Farwell Elementary School
To expose the self-contained Functional Life Skills classes to local businesses in the community. They will have experiences as a collaborative team and build community relationships.