2016/17 Grants for Teachers Recipients

Stephen Belleau (Gifted and Talented program)
Bringing technology to the classroom are of the utmost importance to LEF, as students will experience the world through these tech tools and innovations. In Stephen Belleau’s proposal to work with Wonder League Robotics, the students will benefit from age-appropriate lessons in coding and problem solving with new robots, Dash and Dot. Congratulations to Mr. Belleau and his programming students!

Jenn Carter (Lewiston Middle School)
In the creative world, there is a growing need for making through technology. This grant for Jenn Carter’s class room will bring a Maker Cart to LMS for all of the creative thinkers in the class room to gain experience. The Maker Cart will help students to design, build, program, and develop new tools to present their skill sets in ways that have not been available previously. With its functionality in coding and design, students will be able to think creatively about problem solving and execute their visions in the classroom. This tool will allow for explorations of iterative processes as refinement of projects and prototypes occurs over time. This program will be terrific for Ms. Carter’s class!

Stephannie Couture (Lewiston Middle School)
Experiential learning is a hallmark of the science and health fields and can help students who are visual and tactile learners immensely in garnering interest in healthcare. Stephannie Couture’s program on the human body will give students hands-on experience with an anatomical skeleton and human torso, bringing the curriculum to life(size). The program focuses on increasing student interest in medicine, but could also lead to exploration of other scientific fields. Thanks Ms. Couture for introducing our future medical professionals to science in an experiential way!

Tiffany Demarest, Steve Maroon (Montello)
Students will participate in an after-school enrichment opportunity where they will investigate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) topics through the Wonder Workshop. In the Wonder Workshop, students will engage in hands-on problem solving activities and will be introduced to coding and programming using Dash and Dot robots. This enrichment opportunity aligns to the goals of the Lewiston Education Fund by using innovative curriculum and technologies to provide engaging learning opportunities for students. Having a STEM enrichment focus not only enhances students’ math skills, but also provides an introduction to possible career paths in technology and engineering. This learning experience at Montello should be a great one for students and staff, alike!

Katrina Denis, Eric Bealieu, Kathy Jones, Elaine Gould (McMahon)
McMahon’s 4th grade studies the state of Maine all year include its’ geography, state symbols, government, and mammals. This grant aims to enhance what’s learned in the classrooms by providing several educational opportunities that are hands on and visual. The unique activities experienced on the trips will be some that the majority of students would not have had the benefit of experiencing otherwise. Looking forward to hearing more about these programs!

Theresa Godfrey, Charryse Brooks, Joyce Usher, Julie Hambleton (McMahon) 
Students will visit the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit at the Portland Science Center as a part of this grant. All of the students participating in this activity are English language learners with limited English proficiency. Additionally, all the students come from low income families and would not otherwise have the opportunity to engage in this experience outside of the school setting. The board is excited to fund this opportunity for Lewiston students!

Katy Heermann (Longley)
Technology and a specific knowledge of how to use it is an ever-growing demand placed upon students. This grant provides keyboards for the students to use when they are using iPads. The benefits of teaching students to properly type on a real keyboard, rather than on the iPad screen will increase their abilities to type with speed and accuracy, but a true keyboard also allows students to increase their ability to edit and revise their work. Congratulations on the grant, Ms. Heermann!