Grants for Teachers

Since 2002, the Lewiston Education Fund has allocated up to $20,000 per year toward supplemental grants to teachers in the Lewiston Public Schools.

Projects are chosen based on content, level of student impact and potential for independent sustainability. Past grants have promoted cultural awareness, supported reading as lifestyle and encouraged physical fitness and civic participation.

The Grant process is designed to create opportunities for teachers to add depth and diversity to their year-round curricula. To date, the Lewiston Education Fund has awarded over $165,000 in grants.

The Grant Process

A grant committee reviews and considers all teacher grant applications. Available funds are awarded annually. Innovative teaching and learning projects, enrichment activities, and curriculum enhancement are all taken into consideration when awarding grants.

We are accepting grant applications for our 2020 award cycle and applications are due October 31, 2020 (early cycle) and January 31, 2021 (regular cycle).  Fillable applications are now available for download: Grant Application.

This year the Board of Directors is pleased to announce an early decision process that allows teachers to take advantage of an earlier timeline, assisting those wishing to apply for funds needed for the Fall 2020 season. Grant applications submitted for early decision will be based on available funds and at the discretion of the grant committee. The committee may move early decision submissions to the regular cycle as it deems necessary. Please submit your application electronically to the email listed on the application.

Specifically, the Lewiston Education Fund helps educators create unique learning opportunities by funding:

  • Advanced technology teaching tools for use in the classroom
  • Tools and equipment that support the natural environment as a learning center
  • Educational opportunities outside of the traditional classroom curriculum
  • Resources and opportunities that provide experiential learning outside of the physical school environment

Funding will not be provided to cover:

  • Salaries/Wages/Compensation
  • Gifts or donations to students
  • Projects, supplies or items that should be covered through the school budget or alternate funding processes
  • Capital improvements

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